Ceiling Fan – Trend 60

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Available Colour: Walnut
Fan Motor: Energy-Saving DC Motor (Save up to 70% of electricity)
Number of Wings: 3
Blade Material: Balsa Wood, Natural Wood
Fan Material: Metal
Fan Function: 6 speeds – Reversible function available
Light Kit: No
Remote control: Yes



Dimension: Blade Length 60’’ (1,52m)
Input:120V/ 60Hz , 240V/ 50Hz
Power: 21W
Airflow: 8300 CFM, Super cool
Motor Size: 85x28mm

Made in Taiwan

The cool climate of Nordic pine forests along the coast of Norway – Let TREND take you to the majestic nature of the Scandinavian mountains!

With a strong design like Scandinavian pine trees, TREND blades are made from extremely rare Balsa wood. TREND is proud to provide strong and wide wind throughout your home. With TREND, you will have the feeling of being immersed in a relaxing space. Ceiling fan – Trend 60 with 3 monolithic natural wood blades suitable for apartments, townhouses, and villas.

DC motor saves up to 70% electricity, smooth operation, good heat dissipation – continuous operation for many hours without worrying about heat – Can be checked by touching the motor shell right away.

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