At Mr.VU, we are always attracted by every movement, passionately watching the wind or flying things, when we see the image of the wind playing with the girl’s hair, the artist’s soul of the designer is immediately stunned. From the first impression, Mr.VU visualizes the dance so that Melody’s blade is not as straight as usual, but bends, softer, reducing stress when watching, and avoiding the house having too many angular objects.

When MELODY is in operation, homeowners feel like they are watching a flexible and gentle dance performance, making their minds extremely relaxed. However, the wind power that MELODY creates is extremely impressive: both spreading in a large space of ~30m2 and smooth without causing any noise.

The Melody propeller is made of high-quality PC plastic with luxurious wood grain color. The blade is designed with a large plate and a 21-degree angle to help create a large wind volume while operating smoothly without noise. The fan diameter is 1.42m, suitable for installing room space from 15-25m2. With a LED lamp with a capacity of 18w, light intensity of 875 lumens, color temperature of 2700k (Luxurious warm light that illuminates and warms the room), and a lampshade made of high-quality Lexan glass.


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Ceiling Fan – Melody wood

$ 880