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Wall fan and current status

Fans in general and wall fans, in particular, have gradually changed dramatically over the years. In the past, wall fans were often used a lot because of the advantage of not taking up as much space as a ceiling fan, but at a much cheaper price. However, with interior designs becoming more and more popular with homeowners, wall fans with large, clunky designs have no place in the market.

Wall fan application

If the ceiling fan is used for a large space, the amount of convection wind is large, covering the whole room while the wall fan can adjust the wind to concentrate in each area and is suitable for small spaces. In particular, wall fans can be easily installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. Especially with the dining room, with the feature that if using a floor fan, it will take up space and the ceiling fan will both cool and blow directly into the kitchen. Therefore, with a small wall-mounted fan in the kitchen, it is possible to cool the person in the kitchen without affecting the surrounding space.

Mr.Vu’s wall fan

Understanding the needs of customers who need suitable wall fans. Mr. Vu has launched many wall fans with a modern and elegant design. In addition to having the great features of the new generation of motors from Taiwan. Mr. Vu’s wall fan also has an extremely eye-catching design that will surely adorn the home’s space.

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Some available wall fan models of Mr. Vu