Small Blades Ceiling Fan

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Small decorative ceiling fans are fan models with a wingspan of fewer than 42 inches. They are perfect for small rooms or spaces with limited ceiling space. We have many models of small ceiling fans with lights to improve efficiency. They are designed with unique styles and shapes, creating a highlight and attraction for the room

The beautiful small ceiling fan is the perfect choice for a small living room, study corner, office, or coffee shop. They are designed with a variety of styles to suit a variety of interiors from modern to traditional.

Mr. Vu introduces models of ceiling fans installed for small rooms, small corners under 16m2, such as changing rooms, wardrobes without corridors, small corners, bathrooms, corridors, stairs, garages and laundry room, baby bedroom, small guest bedroom, worship room, mezzanine, etc. These ceiling fan models have short blades of less than 1m.
Reference: How to choose the proper ceiling fan.