Ceiling Fan with Chandelier

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Mr. Vu sells a model of a ceiling fan with a luxurious chandelier, 2-in-1: Both air conditioning the room and have chandeliers (with LED lighting) for decoration: Chandelier ceiling fans are the unique – elegant – honoring products that make the grandeur of your room. Today many families have chosen ceiling fans with chandeliers to replace chandeliers or decorative lights that are beautiful but have little use. Using a ceiling fan also saves electricity – many ceiling fan models have a DC motor that consumes only 35w/1h and operates continuously at the highest wind speed.

Is the ceiling fan with the chandelier good?

The ceiling fan combined with Mr. Vu’s chandelier is guaranteed for up to 10 years, so it’s very good.

Is the chandelier ceiling fan cool?

The chandelier fan model has a diameter of about 60cm to 80cm, so the cooling range in small spaces, such as drinking tables, desks, wooden huts…