Large Blade Ceiling Fan

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Large ceiling fan

The large ceiling fan series is an impressive set of fans with a larger fan blade diameter than usual. They have a wingspan of 60″(1.52m) extending to 120″(3.1m). With a larger diameter, these fans can cover a larger area, the larger size means it can recirculate a larger amount of air in your living space. We have many models of large fans. Large decorative ceiling fan with a diameter of 3.1m.

Choose a large ceiling fan

A large ceiling fan can balance a large space aesthetically and provide proper air circulation. Depending on the amount of air you require, you can find a large cooler or a large decorative ceiling fan. Large ceiling fans are often used in restaurants to add a stylish touch to a room while providing much-needed air circulation. Large indoor and outdoor areas such as large living rooms or outdoor dining areas should also have a large fan to better cover the space.

Mr. Vu specializes in providing industrial factory ceiling fans with a wide wingspan, suitable for installing beer bars, restaurants, cafes, hotel lobbies, … places with large spaces to install industrial ceiling fans that are very suitable for natural wind creates a feeling of comfort, is good for health and saves electricity.