Ceiling fan – Eagle 60 is inspired by the majestic unspoiled nature of the Scandinavian mountains. The propeller is elaborately crafted from Balsa Wood – a precious, ultra-light wood that is used in the prototyping industry or the aircraft industry, the soundproofing industry… With a large and wide blade design, The tilt and curvature of the tail end combined with a super smart and energy-saving DC motor, ceiling fan – Eagle 60 delivers extremely cool airflow and spreads throughout the room.

The fan is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to its simple, natural design. EAGLE is confident that it can bring a clear, cool atmosphere of nature to your home. EAGLE – a perfect and classy creation.


Unlike common ceiling fans when spinning, creating an annoying buzzing noise for users, Eagle operates smoothly, powerful DC motor helps to spread natural wind – Very suitable for apartments inherently has good natural wind flow


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Ceiling Fan – Eagle 60 koa

$ 800