Ceiling Fan – Eagle 60 GWO

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Available Color: Walnut, GWO
Fan Motor: Energy-Saving DC Motor – Continous operation without heat
Number of Wings: 3
Blade Material: Natural Wood
Fan Material: Aluminium
Fan Function: 6 speeds – Reversible function available
Light Kit: No
Remote control: Yes



Dimension: Blade Length 60’’ (1,52m)
Input:120V/ 60Hz , 240V/ 50Hz
Power: 30W
Airflow: 8840 CFM
Motor Size: 85x28mm

Ceiling Fan – Eagle 42
Ceiling Fan – Eagle 60 koa
Ceiling Fan – Eagle 60 white

Made in Taiwan

Eagle GWO is used in combination with air conditioning and is also a great choice in hot summer, instead of having to turn on the air conditioner with a low temperature of 16-18 degrees, Using a ceiling fan – Eagle GWO you only have to turn on the air conditioner. With a temperature of 25-26 degrees, the feeling is still cool and comfortable throughout the room, both helping to cool quickly, saving energy and good for health (avoiding respiratory and skin-related diseases)

Unlike common ceiling fans when spinning, creating an annoying buzzing noise for users, Eagle operates smoothly, powerful DC motor helps to spread natural airflow – Very suitable for apartments and has inherently good natural wind flow

With a modern and elegant design, smooth operation, and gentle movement while still creating good airflow, Eagle is the favorite choice of young people who prefer a modern style. The more society develops, the more life becomes easier!

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