Ceiling Fan – Fanco Bstar 36″/46″/52″ DC

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  • Blade Colour: Black / White / Wood
  • Blade Material: 3 ABS Blade 
  • Housing Material: Metal Alloy
  • Motor: DC Energy Saving Motor
  • Fan Speed: 5-speed Reversible
  • Function: Timer Function; Dual Rotation (Forward/Reverse); N Mode (Natural Wind)
  • Light Kit: 24W 3 Tone LED Light Kit (Day / Warm / Cool White)



  • Dimension: 34” (86 cm) / 40” (101 cm) / 46”(116cm) / 52”(131cm) 
  • Tricolor  LED with a step-less dimming power of 24W and three brightness levels (day, warm, cool)
  • The most affordable LED DC fans on the market. There is a limited supply. Don’t pass up this opportunity.
  • Fanco offers a lifetime motor warranty and four years of on-site service.

Made in Taiwan

Ceiling fans have long been an indispensable item for every home, it brings a comfortable cool breeze to your space. But not an ordinary ceiling fan, but a Fanco Bstar ceiling fan which is a perfect ceiling fan model in both function and aesthetics. With this fan model, it can completely meet all the needs of your family.

Fanco Bstar Advantages:

– This fan model comes in up to three different sizes making it easier for clients to choose. It is suitable for any room, including the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, and balcony.

– Fan blades are made entirely of ABS material, bringing perfect quietness to any space.

– Fan blades are exquisitely designed to bring the maximum amount of wind to any room.

– DC motor operates smoothly and stably, making the fan noiseless and extremely energy-saving.

– Fanco Bstar has LED lights that can be dimmed (Day, Warm, Cool) with just a few simple clicks.

Size 36″ = diameter 910mm, 260mm height from ceiling to blade. Ideal for a standard HDB apartment, small balcony, bedroom

Size 46″ = diameter 1160mm, 275mm height from ceiling to blade. Ideal for a standard HDB apartment, bedroom, dining, and living.

Size 52″ = diameter 1320mm, 270mm height from ceiling to blade. Ideal for a large HDB apartment, living, big bedroom.

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