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Best Ceiling Fan in Singapore

Best Ceiling Fan in Singapore

18 Jan 2024

Ceiling fans are the basic requirement of every home in summer. This amazing home appliance helps you fight with the intense weather heat. However, in today’s world, we want everything to be stylish and beautiful. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best ceiling fans in Singapore that keep your home cool and beautifully light up your space.

A ceiling fan is undoubtedly better than any other standing fan because they don’t occupy much space and provide efficient cooling. In addition, opting for a ceiling fan with LED light is not only a space-saving solution but also adds aesthetic appeal to your home decor.

You might be wondering which is the best ceiling fan in Singapore. So, here’s the list and complete details of top-notch ceiling fans in Singapore.

Which is The Best Ceiling Fan in Singapore?

Bestar Vito-5 Smart Ceiling Fan (42″/52″) 

Bestar Vito -5 Smart is a premium smart ceiling fan with 5 blades, a remote, and a light. This innovative ceiling fan comes with a blade size variation of 32 inches (82cm), 42 inches (107cm), and 52 inches (1.32m). You can choose the blade size according to your requirements. 

This model of Bestar ceiling fan is equipped with an energy-saving DC Motor which can save you up to 70% of electricity. Moreover, this amazing fan is available in Matt Black, Matt White, and Mocha colors.

Bestar Wind Ceiling Fan (32″/42″/52″) 

Bestar Wind is a simple yet elegant ceiling fan with different blade lengths: 32 inches (82cm), 42 inches (107cm), and 52 inches (1.32m), which allows you to tailor its dimensions according to the specific requirements of your room.

Bestar Wind has 5 blades and an energy-saving DC motor that can save 70% of electricity. Additionally, you can buy it in Matt Black, Matt White, and Mocha colors.

Decco Adelaide Ceiling Fan (42/52 inch) 

The Decco Adelaide ceiling fan comes with versatile blade lengths of 42 (106 cm) inches and 52 inches (132 cm). Decco Adelaide has 3 blades, a remote, a DC motor, and an LED dimmer.  

This fan is equally suitable for small/big living rooms, kitchens, or balconies. The built-in DC motor makes it quiet and saves electricity. This Decco Adelaide ceiling fan is available in white, black, and OAK colors.

Decco Melbourne Ceiling Fan (48/62 inch)

Decco Melbourne is another 3-bladed ceiling fan that comes with a remote control, LED dimmer, and DC motor. You can buy it in a blade length of 48 inches (122cm) and 62 inches (157cm).

This ceiling fan comes in Matt White, Matt Black, and OAK colors, and features warm, cool, and white light options.

Fanco Elite CO-Fan (48″/52″/60″/72″)

Fanco Elite CO-Fan ceiling fans are available in four different sizes i.e 48 inches (121 cm), 52 inches (132 cm), 60 inches (152 cm), and an enormous 72 inches (182 cm), making them ideal for cooling large spaces like living rooms or big halls.

The LED light installed in the fan is not only meant to be functional but also brings a sense of modernity into the design. Additionally, there is a generous on-site warranty of four years on these ceiling fans to increase customer satisfaction.

Fanco Galaxy 5 Ceiling Fan (38″/ 48″/56″)

Fanco Galaxy 5 ceiling fans are known for their 5 blades made with exceptional quality. This fan offers a flexible solution to accommodate various room sizes and layouts, with blade lengths of 38 inches (96 cm), 48 inches (121 cm), and 56 inches (142 cm) available for selection. 

Fanco Galaxy 5 is exclusively equipped with a brushless motor that makes it soundproof and energy efficient. These fans are available in Mocha, Matt Black, and Matt White colors. 

KDK Airy E48HP Ceiling Fan (48″)

KDK Airy E48HP comes with 3 anti-rust blades with a perfect size of 48 inches (120cm). This fan comes with simple yet classic White and Brown colors which makes it easy to integrate with any interior design. 

This ceiling fan by KDK only weighs 5.20 kg which makes it convenient for installation and suitable for a range of ceiling types. In addition, it has an energy-efficient DC motor that saves electricity and makes it quiet.

KDK U48FP Ceiling Fan (48″)

KDK U48FP is one of the best ceiling fans with light by KDK. it is available with 48 inches (120 cm) blades and three versatile colors. KDK is a renowned brand that also provides one-year on-site service to its customers.

This KDK fan has three anti-rust blades, energy energy-saving DC motor, and an LCD remote control. Besides that, it has a 24 W three-tone LED light kit. This KDK ceiling fan with light is available in classic black and white colors.

Fanco Tributo 5 Blade Ceiling Fan (48″/56″)

Fanco Tributo is a 5-blade ceiling fan with light that is available in 48 inches (116cm) and 56 inches (142cm). This ceiling fan is majorly known for its brightest LED light. 

Fanco Tributo ceiling fan is equipped with a modern DC motor, 36 W LED light kit, 5 anti-rust ABS blades, and a remote control. This ceiling fan provides high-quality fan and light simultaneously. It is available in white, black, and wood colors.

Hugger Ceiling Fan (22″/32″)

As the name depicts, the Compact hugger ceiling fan is best suitable for low ceilings. It is available with blade sizes of 22 inches (55cm) and 32 inches (80cm).

The most important aspect of a Hugger ceiling fan is its weight. The 22-inch and 32-inch ceiling fans weigh only 2.4 kg and 2.5 kg respectively, which makes it extremely easy to install wherever you want. 

Compact Hugger is the best among small ceiling fans with lights. It is available in attractive white, pink, and blue colors.