Why is your ceiling fan turning but the air doesn’t reach down?

Is your ceiling fan not providing the refreshing breeze that you need? No worries, my friend! We can solve this issue together. Let’s identify the cause behind your fan’s sluggishness and get that air flowing again. 

Understanding the Causes of Inadequate Airflow from Ceiling Fans

Candy Ceiling Fan
  • Caught in the plasterboard: The coffered ceiling can be 2 or 3 levels depending on the needs of the owner. Therefore, when choosing a ceiling fan, customers often ignore this reason, which causes the ceiling fan blades to fit snugly in the coffered section and not get any air. This explains why the fan still turns but does not feel cool. The solution here is to choose a ceiling fan that is suitable for the ceiling: use a ceiling fan with a pole, and drop the pole down to the coffered surface.
  • Too large room: Each type of ceiling fan has its own operating capacity. If the room is too large, and the ceiling fan is too small, the air is difficult to provide enough for the needs of the user. Therefore, choosing a ceiling fan that is suitable for the space you need is also a priority.
  • Low-quality fan, broken fan: If you are not careful, greedy, or lack experience in buying ceiling fans, it will lead to you buying shoddy goods, or non-genuine, low-quality goods, which will affect the quality of the fan. 
  • Too high ceiling: The appropriate installation height for ceiling fans is at a height of 2.6m-3.2m. If it is too high, the ceiling fan will not cool down.
  • Fan is covered in dirt: The reason the ceiling fan is not cool is also because the fan is used for a long time but is lazy to clean and wipe, causing the fan to be covered in dirt. From there, it limits the rotation speed of the fan, making the airflow generated significantly weaker, no longer creating a comfortable and refreshing feeling for you when using it.

Using Mr. Vu’s Ceiling Fan:

In addition to the reasons mentioned earlier, if you are using Mr. Vu’s ceiling fan and it has been spinning normally for a long time but suddenly stops providing a cooling breeze, what could be the reason?

Normally, when the ceiling fan spins counterclockwise, it creates a cool breeze. However, when the fan blades rotate clockwise, there is no breeze below; instead, it draws moisture from below. This is the function of Mr. Vu’s fan: the reverse button. So, how do you handle this?

remote controller ceiling fan

First, determine the type of fan you are using and identify which remote control it uses:

If the fan is currently rotating clockwise, simply press the reverse button on the fan’s remote. Note: press the reverse button only once; the fan will gradually stop and then change its rotation direction. This is why the ceiling fan suddenly rotates in the opposite direction.

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