Top 5 Best Smart Ceiling Fans to Buy in Singapore

Smart ceiling fans can be controlled by your home wifi, Bluetooth, or your smartphone. In addition, these wifi ceiling fans can also be controlled through smart devices like Google Assistant or Alexa. In this guide, I will cover the best smart ceiling fans you can buy in Singapore.

Smart fans are divided into two categories i.e. Retrofit and latest smart fans.

Retrofit fans are normal fans that are converted into smart fans by a qualified technician. However, the latest smart fans come with in-built smart technology that does not need any modification.


How Smart Ceiling Fans Work?

Smart fans or wifi enabled ceiling fans work similarly to ordinary ceiling fans but you can control them wirelessly. You can easily stop or start them whenever you want while sitting on the chair or lying in bed.

You can use the home wifi or mobile phone apps to control/schedule them remotely from a specific distance. It means you don’t have to go to your room in order to turn your ceiling fan off. You can easily do that while sitting in your car, office, or any other room in the house.

Nowadays, a ceiling fan with light and remote is becoming more popular as it provides built-in lights and can be controlled without any hassle.


Things to Consider While Buying a Smart Ceiling Fan?


The most important thing is airflow as you buy ceiling fans to get cool air. For shorter rooms, you can go for fans with 36, 46, or 48-inch blades. However, if you want to install the fan in a larger room, you should opt for a fan with 56-inch blades.


Modern ceiling fan models not only feature Wifi control but beautiful LED lights in them so you don’t have to install room lights separately. These wifi ceiling fans are equipped with 18 W to 36 W LED lighting with dimmer control. 


You may also choose the number of blades in your ceiling fan. Usually, ceiling fans contain 3 blades but you can also choose a fan with 5 blades for decoration purposes. You can get ceiling fans with 3-12 blades but the number of blades doesn’t increase the efficiency of your fan. For air efficiency, you should read the fan specifications in the manual.


Color is another important factor you should consider while buying a Wi-Fi-enabled ceiling fan. You can select any color according to your home design. It depends on the color theme of your house and then you can decide where you should install the ceiling fan with a specific color.


5 Best Smart Ceiling Fans


Smart Ceiling Fan Weight Warranty LED Light Kit Suitable For
Bestar Vito-5 Smart 5.92 (42″)

6.4 (52″)

2 years (on-site) 24W Dimmable Tri-Tone Bedroom, Living room.
Crestar Airis 3 Blade 6.3kg (33’’) 6.4kg (42’’)

6.5kg (48’’) 

10 years (battery),

1 year (on-site)

Dimmer Controlled 20W 2.4G Tricolor LED Home/Outdoor
Crestar Airis 5 Blade 7.1kg (50’’)

7.5kg (56’’) 

10 years (battery),

1 year (on-site)

Dimmer Controlled 25W Tricolor LED Home/Outdoor
Crestar Altis+ 4.8kg (40’’)

5kg (46’’)

5.2kg (52’’)

10 years (battery),

1 year (on-site)

Dimmer Controlled 20W 2.4G Tricolor LED Home/Outdoor
Crestar Altis+ 5 Blade 6.1kg (48’’)

6.5kg (54’’)

10 years (battery),

1 year (on-site)

Dimmer Controlled 20W 2.4G Tricolor LED Home/Outdoor

Here are the complete details and specifications of the best smart fans for your home.

Bestar Vito-5 Smart 42″/52″ with Remote/ LED Light Dimmer

The Bestar Vito-5 Smart fan is available with a blade size of 42 inches and 52 inches. It is equipped with five beautiful wings and contains a power-saving DC motor. This motor can save you up to 70% of electricity. In addition, you can get a 2-year on-site warranty with it. Besides its wifi enabled operation, it contains a Tri-color LED light kit with 24W power.

It has an iFeel thermal sensor for automatically adjusting the fan speed on the basis of your room temperature. This wifi fan has 6-speed settings with forward and reverse functions. You can get this smart wifi fan in black, white, and wood colors.

Crestar Airis 3 Blade 33″/42″/48″ 

Crestar Airis 3 Blade fan is available with 33-inch, 42-inch, and 48-inch blades. This fan comes with 10-year motor warranty and 1-year free on-site service. Its rust-resistant quality makes it the best outdoor ceiling fan. Other than wifi, it can also be controlled through mobile phone apps.

Crestar Airis has 6 speeds and can be controlled easily through a 6-speed remote control. Moreover, it has a dimmer dimmer-controlled 20W 2.4G Tricolor LED. you can buy it in Black, White, Maple Wood, and Walnut Wood color.

Crestar Airis 5 Blade 50″/56″

As the name indicates, the Crestar Airis 5 Blade fan is equipped with 5 blades. This fan is considered one of the best big outdoor ceiling fans due to its 50-inch and 56-inch blade size. Just like the Crestar Airis 3, it has a 10-year motor warranty and a 1-year free on-site service.

This fan model includes a dimmer-controlled 25W Tricolor LED. This big ceiling fan weighs 7.1 and 7.5 kg with a blade size of 50 inches and 56 inches respectively. This fan also provides a smart app control and a 6-speed remote control.

Crestar Altis+ 40″/46″/52″ 3 Blade

Crestar Altis+ fan comes with blade sizes of 40, 46, and 52 inches. This power saving fan has an efficient DC motor. This is also one of the best outdoor ceiling fans with a rust-proof material. It has a bright and dimmer LED and can be controlled with smartphone apps i.e. Alexa or Google Assistant. The Crestar Altis+ fan is available in white, matt black, walnut wood, and maple wood colors.

Crestar Altis+ 48″/54″ 5 Blade

The Crestar Altis+ 5 blade is the best low ceiling fan with a blade length of 48 inches and 54 inches. This hugger ceiling fan can also be used outside because of its rust-resistant quality. It comes with a motor warranty of 10 years and 1 year on-site warranty. 

This outdoor ceiling fan is equipped with high-quality ABS blades. This fan has 6 speeds and can be controlled through mobile apps without any hassle. It contains a 20W tri-color dimmable LED light and is available in matt black, white, walnut wood, and maple wood color. 

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