Hugger Ceiling Fan – AllBreeze 22″/32″ with Light

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Blade Material:3 ABS Blades

Housing Material: Metal Alloy

Fan Function: 6 speeds – Reversible function available

Light Kit: 18W Tri-Color LED Light Kit

Remote control: Yes

Warranty: 2 years onsite 



Dimension: Blade Length 22” (55cm) /32” (80cm) 

Weight:    22” (2,4kg)/ 32” (2,5kg)

Available Colors: White/ Pink/ Blue

Fan Motor: Energy-Saving DC Motor (Save up to 70% of electricity) – Smooth operation without making any noise)


Made in Taiwan

AllBreeze 3B 22″/32″ DC Motor ceiling fan is a compact and efficient ceiling fan designed to provide powerful ventilation and cooling in any room. With its sculptured compact blades, this fan is able to produce a strong breeze while operating at a smaller and safer diameter. The low profile of the fan also makes it suitable for low ceilings.

The key feature of AllBreeze hugger ceiling fan

  • Energy-efficient DC motor
  • Compact design with sculptured blades
  • 18W tricolor LED light with dimmer
  • 6-speed remote control included
  • Low profile suitable for low ceilings
  • One-year warranty
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