Review KDK Airy E48GP Ceiling fan

Today, Ceiling fans are not only used to cool and bring comfort to people, but also an optimal solution to save electrical energy, and at the same time accompany people to protect the environment effectively. extremely effective. And one of the fan models that are contributing to preventing global warming is KDK Airy E48GP. So, what is special about this fan model compared to other common fan models? Let’s review this ceiling fan with us.

The preeminence of KDK Airy E48GP

KDK Airy E48GP
KDK Airy E48GP

The first special function of this fan model is that it possesses up to 10 wind modes, which not all ceiling fans have. Next is the latest generation ABS – G material, which brings durability and outstanding quality to the blade. With a diameter of 48” (120cm), KDK Airy E48GP will be the right choice for every room in your house, especially the bedroom, dining room or balcony.

Great choice for your living space.

If you own an air conditioner, The most effective way you can use to save electricity is to install a ceiling fan in combination with an air conditioner. With DC motor, Airy E48GP is capable of saving electrical energy up to 70% compared to AC motor. Thanks to that, customers’ electricity costs will no longer be an issue even when the weather is on hot days.

In cold weather, what can Airy E48GP do?

ceiling-fan-reserve-mode-on- Airy- E48GP
The reverse mode of Airy E48GP

This is when you use the reverse mode of Airy E48GP. This function allows you to reverse the rotation of the blade. By turning the fan clockwise, warm air will be automatically pushed down and circulated throughout the room. Furthermore, if you use a heater, heat will tend to accumulate on the ceiling. However, simply turning on the reverse mode of Airy E48GP allows the warm air to be pushed down, saving you a significant amount of electricity from the heater.

KDK Airy E48GP, a ceiling fan model that offers so many great functions from a variety of fan modes, quality materials to energy saving. Surely, this ceiling fan model will be the perfect companion for your home space.

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