Review Bestar Wind Ceiling Fan for low ceiling

Bestar Wind Ceiling Fan: A Ceiling fan designed specifically for low and apartment ceilings.

Bestar Wind Ceiling fans, also known as the “Ceiling Fan for Apartment” line, is a ceiling fan that many customers in the city currently trust. Especially in Singapore, with the development of the economy, the population is gradually becoming crowded. Apartments, motels, and tube houses in cities are also in high demand, and this demand is expected to continue.

Recognizing this, the Bestar ceiling fan brand launched a variety of ceiling fan models to best meet the needs of customers. The Bestar Wind 32″/42″/52″ Ceiling Fan, in particular, will undoubtedly be the fan model you cannot overlook! Find out why in the article below!

black 5 blades ceiling fan with remote/light dimmer
Bestar wind ceiling fan

Bestar Wind’s 32″/42″/52″ ceiling fan saves space in the house.

Are you having trouble choosing which ceiling fan to install due to your low ceiling? Or because too much furniture has already been installed in the room?

With the short design of this fan (301mm from the ceiling to the LED light), the Bestar Wind 32″/42″/52″ Ceiling Fan will be an optimal choice for rooms with low ceilings or areas where the room space is limited by a lot of furniture (such as a dresser or a Mid/High bed arranged in your bedroom).

Furthermore, Bestar Wind Ceiling Fans design compact fan blades, allowing a smaller and safer operating diameter, both saving space and ensuring the efficiency needed to generate the strong wind needed for ventilation and cooling the room.

Flexible design, suitable for any room

Bestar Wind Ceiling Fan comes in three sizes: 32″/42″/52″ to make it easier for customers to calculate the right size for their room.

With three basic colors Matte Black / Matte White / Mocha, bringing a liberal and modern feeling, suitable for most styles of apartments and condominiums in Singapore.

20W LED lights with light fitting Tricolor (Day/ Cool/ Warm) make your space more impressive.

Optimal cooling capacity

white 5 blades ceiling fan with remote/light dimmer
Bestar wind ceiling fan

The quality of the blade and fan housing is always guaranteed. In which, five blades are manufactured with ABS material; metal housing, anti-rust; both ensure durability and ensure the fan’s wind power when operating.

Bestar Wind’s 32″/42″/52″ ceiling fan is powered by a modern DC motor that optimizes efficiency, saves energy, and effectively reduces noise, so you can rest assured of its ability to cool.

Along with 6 fan speeds, a reversing function and a customizable timer function from 1/2/4/8 hours will also help you use the fan flexibly depending on your own needs.

Temperature sensor control

Another outstanding cooling function of Bestar Wind 32″/42″/52″ ceiling fan is the iFeel Thermal Sensor, which automatically adjusts fan speed according to room temperature.

Thus, consumers can save a lot of time adjusting the switch to achieve a satisfactory level of wind and cooling capacity in accordance with the surrounding temperature.

Remote control with the last memory function

Bestar Wind 32″/42″/52″ Ceiling Fan comes with a convenient remote control with full function and a wind mode for users to choose from, in which Last Memory for Fan Speed and Function LED Light will help you easily use the fan with the previous options without having to use too many controls on the remote, which will be much more convenient than other common controls.

In summary, for low-ceiling houses, Bestar Wind 32″/42″/52″ ceiling fan will be the best choice. With a competitive price and quality assurance, we believe that Bestar Wind 32″/42″/52″ Ceiling Fan will not disappoint customers!

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