Using fans in combination with air conditioners can help to save electricity effectively.

On hot days, people’s cooling needs incredibly increase. And in which the most popular cooling device is the air conditioner. But if you only turn on the air conditioner continuously for a long time, it will not only waste electricity but also be harmful to health.

Fortunately, there is a way to solve these 2 problems. It is known that it is a method of combining using fans and air conditioners together. However, air conditioners and fans have a large difference in power consumption, making many people think that using two devices at the same time is “double power consumption”. Is this thinking correct? Let’s find out with us!

Using fans in combination with air conditioners
Using fans in combination with air conditioners

Why should you use a fan in combination with an air conditioner?

Better air circulation

Ceiling fans will help the cold air generated by the air conditioner spread faster, evenly and widely. Thanks to this mechanism, the ceiling fan will help accelerate the heat reduction process as well as help the air circulate better. That’s due to the ceiling fan’s cooling mechanism – creating air circulation throughout the room. The movement of the air acts on the skin and disperses the heat, creating a cooler and more comfortable feeling.

Save energy, save costs!

According to calculations by experts, the use of ceiling fans in combination with air conditioners will save up to 40% of electricity consumption. Besides, when using both ceiling fans at the same time, the time of using the air conditioner will be reduced, helping the room in quickly achieving the ideal level of coolness. Therefore, the amount of power consumed for cooling operation will be reduced accordingly.

In addition, because the ceiling fan circulates the air to create a cooler feeling, instead of having to leave the air conditioner at 20-22oC in hot weather, users just need to turn on the air conditioner at 26- 28 oC can be enough to ensure cooling needs. With this use, it will help reduce a lot of power consumption and increase the life of the air conditioner.

Protecting the health of users

The cold and dry air emanating from the air conditioner can be the cause of dry skin, sore throat or allergic manifestations. In case you leave the air conditioner at too low a temperature, it can also cause rhinitis allergic or colds for children. Using the air conditioner at a moderate temperature and combined with a ceiling fan will help you and your family avoid these risks.

What type of fan should be used to match the air conditioner?

When combining the use of fans and air conditioners, depending on the conditions of each family, different types of fans will be used. Some popular types of fans today such as misting fans, ceiling fans, table fans, stand fans… each type of fan has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, to mention the most effective and suitable, it is definitely still a ceiling fan.

Using ceiling fans in combination with air conditioners
Using ceiling fans in combination with air conditioners

Why ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans are the most effective fans in helping to circulate air in a room. With the advantage of being high and in the middle of the room, the ceiling fan will help push the cool air from the air conditioner to spread throughout the room. A stand fan or table fan has the advantage of consuming less power, but because the fan is quite low, it can only cool in a certain area, but cannot push the cool air far away.

Unexpected benefits of ceiling fans

It is known that the ceiling fan has changed a lot compared to the old fan models. It has been improved from the repetition and boredom like the fan models you often see in the classroom or hospital. Ceiling fans now completely offer fresh on design and countless useful function. Not only for cooling, but ceiling fans can also be a perfect decoration for your room, bringing class and elegant to your home space. Unlike a table fan or a tree fan, its beauty ability will not be equal to that of a ceiling fan. When installing ceiling fans, the delicate fan blades spread out hugging your ceiling creating a full and cozy landscape. Moreover, you can also choose to install lights with ceiling fans, not only increasing the decoration but also brightening your room.

Therefore, the ceiling fan is obviously the most suitable fan to combine use with the air conditioner. Not only helps to save electrical energy to the maximum, but also brings extremely effective decorative use. It can be seen that using a ceiling fan in combination with an air conditioner does not cause “double power consumption” as many people think, but on the contrary, it also helps save energy. There are also health benefits for your family.

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