How to save power in the summer when using cooling equipment

Using a combination of fan and air conditioner, not starting the machine many times, or turning on the coolest mode right from the beginning will help save more electricity.

According to Ms. Le Lan Huong, owner of the high-class Mr. Vu ceiling fan brand, when the climate is hot and the demand for cooling increases, the equipment is used at maximum capacity. For devices that do not have good heat dissipation, in addition to the actual consumption problem, there is also a loss of power for the device itself.

The more power consumption also comes from the problems of not cleaning the air conditioner’s vents, going in and out of the room using the air conditioner without closing the door, or turning the machine on and off regularly.

Brown 3 blades ceiling fan - Elegant Ceiling fan
Elegant Ceiling fan

Ms. Huong said that with apartments in high-rise buildings with open space, in the summer it is not necessary to use much air conditioning but should be combined with a ceiling fan. Instead of turning on the air conditioner at a very low temperature, people can turn it on at 27-28 degrees and incorporate a ceiling fan to circulate air in the room as well as cool it faster and more evenly.

In the summer, when you go out to work or get in and out of the car often, the temperature difference is very large, if you just go back to the office or go home, using a low temperature, the difference is too big, it can also lead to colds or other diseases. about respiration. “Not to mention the hot, muggy summer climate, with the continuous operation of the air conditioner, it can dirty the air filter, so it is reasonable to combine another cooling device such as a ceiling fan,” she shared

Trees are considered a natural way to save electricity without spending too much, so you should make the most of this advantage of them and arrange potted plants around the house in the hot season.

Near the window facing the sun, you can plant a tree as a curtain to block direct sunlight into the room. In the midst of such hot weather from 38-40 degrees, the green potted plants are the “therapeutic medicine” for the air as well as your spirit and also create a green space to soften the impact. of the harsh sunlight shining into the house.

With villas with the characteristics of large living rooms and bedrooms, homeowners often tend to open spaces to catch the airy, natural wind. Therefore, it is not reasonable to use many air conditioners for villas because of the high-power consumption, but not sure to ensure good air circulation. Not to mention, many houses have atrium designs, and the air conditioning system can hardly cool all the space. According to Ms. Huong, in this case, using a fan is the optimal solution, both to help circulate good air, and to open the door to enjoy nature outside.

Currently, on the market, there are many energy-saving fans running on DC motors instead of AC. Brand owner Mr. Vu said that according to studies, the power-saving ability of DC motors is 2 times higher than that of AC. That is also the reason why from the very first day of founding the company, Ms. Huong has focused on the need to save electricity, and the product must have a difference in coolness from natural wind, aesthetics, and no noise.

“A normal air conditioner has a capacity of about 1kw per hour, the usual fan power on the market is 120W, and for Mr. Vu, it is only 20-25W”, Ms. Huong made a comparison about the power saving of the device. When using a fan or in combination with an air conditioner as mentioned above, the power consumption will be significantly reduced.

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Sole Ceiling Fan

To use the fan more economically, users can choose the timer feature or choose the usage mode: Sleep; Breeze, Delay. For example, after going to bed for about an hour, it will be a little colder, the fan can be automatically adjusted to reduce the wind to avoid being cold and also use less electricity. Mr. Vu fan uses 100-speed control, so users can choose more according to their needs, namely 100 different wind selection ranges.

At Mr. Vu, there is a policy that every six months, the company sends a team to customers’ homes to maintain products. Cleaning long-term stains or dust helps the fan operate stably, without blocking the wind, and helps to increase the life of the fan.

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