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Things to know when installing a ceiling fan to the apartment

Things to know when installing a ceiling fan to the apartment

16 Oct 2022

Want to install a ceiling fan for your apartment? Yes, it is possible, although there are still some limitations when installing ceiling fans for apartments. But at Mr. Vu, we are ready to make your wishes come true.

For rooms with limited space, we have a wide range of ceiling fans in small sizes or for apartments with lower-than-average ceiling heights we have a few low ceiling fans that will be the perfect solution. By listing common obstacles below we will help you overcome these obstacles and help you find the ceiling fan model that best suits your needs. For rooms with limited space, Mr. Vu has many types of fans with small sizes; or for apartments with very low ceilings but still want to use ceiling fans for ventilation, we have suitable ceiling fans. Here are some notes when you want to install a ceiling fan for your apartment, hopefully it will be helpful to help you choose the most suitable ceiling fan model.

Room with low ceilings

This is one of the most common concerns customers have when planning to install a ceiling fan in a family apartment, but it is also one of the simplest problems associated with installing a ceiling fan within our treatment. Australia has a regulation that the minimum distance of the blade from the floor is 2.1m, so the blade cannot be less than the above height from the floor. Measured, for our lowest ceiling fan, the distance from the blade to the ceiling is only about 169mm. Therefore, if your ceiling is about 2.3m high or more, then we can definitely help you get a ceiling fan like that.



Smaller room than normal

In fact, some rooms may be smaller than the norm and this will make it difficult for you to find a ceiling fan that matches the size of the room. You won’t have to worry about this anymore because we offer fans from just 36 inches to 42 inches in a variety of styles and colors. More specifically, if you need an extremely small fan, we have the Idol fan with a blade diameter of only 36” and this fan also has a touch LED light. If you have a larger room and want to install the same fan for both your large and small rooms, our Sky fan with a blade diameter of 54” can perfectly meet your needs of your family.

The room could not be installed any further/ new wiring installation

A very common problem with apartments is the inability to install any further or install new electrical wiring. If this is the case, the perfect option is to replace the existing lights with a ceiling fan with lights and remote control! This means that you use existing wiring to install your new fan and lights, and the remote controls both the fan and the lights. The old light switch on the wall will become the bridge for the whole device.

In some cases, the electrician will be able to install additional wiring in the ceiling to power the fan, but not connect it to the light switch. In that case, you can have a fan with remote control (no light) and not interfere with existing lighting. Electricians will still need to install a junction somewhere to comply with regulations and for safety purposes.

3 ABS blades for low ceiling apartment - SKY LED


A question that sometimes arises is whether the remote control that comes with the ceiling fan can be wired to control the old lighting system. The remote control that comes with the fan is not manufactured for this purpose and is brand specific. Therefore, it should only be used to control built-in fans and lights if applicable. Even if your electrician can get it to work, this unconventional wiring solution is often not durable and causes problems with your home’s electrical system later on. When these performance problems occur, both the fan and any remote control will no longer be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty as these devices are not authorized to be installed as such.

If you want the fan and light source in the room to be used with the same remote control, replace the existing light with a ceiling fan with the included light. Alternatively, choose a fan that can be controlled with a wall control system and before buying, you should talk to an electrician about the possibility of placing it near an existing lighting control system (if possible) for convenience for both turning on and off at the same time.

Ceiling Fans and Lamps

One small thing to note is that not all ceiling fans come with lights included. When looking at our list, ceiling fans with lights means that these fans will either have a luminaire added as an accessory or be available as a separate ceiling fan with built-in lights.

To make it easier to find the right fan for your family, take a look at the two types of fans below:

  • Fan with lights
  • Fan with LED light

Small fan with light

Bestar Vito 3

In a small room, you will feel comfortable if the fan has good lighting. When looking for the right fan, it would be a great choice for you to check out our small fan portfolio. If you think 42” blade diameter is small for your room. In that case, consider fans with sizes ranging from 42” to 50”.

Combination between ceiling fan and ceiling light

As explained above, a great and simple option is a fan with light included. However, if this option is not viable (and you have confirmed with an electrician) there is another popular option. That is, install a smaller ceiling fan to get the space needed to install a recessed light! This can be a challenge, but in another article on ceiling fans and recessed lights we outline some ways to avoid unwanted flickering.

We also recommend consulting an electrician to double check that you can install the ceiling fan in the position you want. This is only a safety step because in some apartments it may not be possible to install the ceiling fan safely or it may be difficult to install the wiring between the fan and the power source.