Benefits of using wooden blade ceiling fans

As society develops, the need to beautify the house is increasingly concerned. Like other household appliances, ceiling fans are an extremely useful product for your home. It not only has a cooling effect, but it is also considered an important part of home interior decoration.

Therefore, on the market, there are more and more different types of ceiling fans with many unique designs, from those made of beautiful high-class composite plastic blades to those made of rustic and simple wood, or 3-blade, 5-blade fans with diverse designs…

In particular, ceiling fans with wooden blades are one of the most popular products in recent times. Currently, there are two main forms, namely: monolithic natural wood blades and high-class Plywood blades. So, what are the benefits of using a wooden blade ceiling fan? Or does a wooden blade ceiling fan affect the airflow? Let’s find out with Mr. Vu!

Wooden blade ceiling fans bring high aesthetics to the room.

Before, we only saw common ceiling fans, such as iron, plastic blades, etc. Now, wooden ceiling fans have been created by manufacturers to meet the aesthetic needs of users for creative and luxurious homes.

A special feature that many people like about wooden ceiling fans is the wood grain on the fan blades. Each product will have a different texture, so it has created its own unique feature of the wooden ceiling fan product line.

Wooden ceiling fans are suitable for many layouts, modern spaces, traditional ancient styles, and spaces with wood accents, … Moreover, wooden ceiling fans at Mr. Vu also have fan models combined with chandeliers, thus bringing high aesthetics to the house and ensuring both cooling and lighting functions.

Effective use

The most popular wooden ceiling fans today are more advanced than iron and plastic ceiling fans in terms of models, and motors, … There are many different types of wood blades depending on what wood material, and how much thickness of the wood, …

The wooden ceiling fan at Mr. Vu is fitted with a larger motor with the most advanced technology, to ensure airflow, and cool the space where it is installed. When it is operating, there will be no noise, contributing to the feeling of comfort for the user.

The wooden blade ceiling fans are also designed with a 2-way rotation feature that can cool the room in the summer and warm the room in the cold winter. This multi-functional product has become a useful item for every family.

Mr. Vu’s decorative wooden ceiling fan without a chandelier is favored by many designers and is the choice for many coastal resort projects.


Mr. Vu’s Plywood blades are pressed according to each thin grain of the wood, making them very durable and super light monolithic natural wood blades. Moreover, both of these wood blades have a surface that has gone through strict production processes, so you can be assured of the quality of the blades, without worrying about warping or termites when using them.

Mr. Vu’s fan is operated with a good heat-dissipation Aluminum motor, so it can work continuously without getting hot.

Ceiling Fan - SKY LED
Ceiling Fan – SKY LED

The fan is meticulously manufactured. Every detail of the housing fan and downrod is painted with anti-rust paint.

Wood ceiling fans for Feng Shui

In addition to the quality and safety factors, the wooden blade ceiling fan is also considered a feng shui item with a rustic character, which is believed by many Asians to bring many good benefits to the health of the user.

Mr. Vu Eagle fan with 3 monolithic Balsa wood blades

Thus, it is possible to summarize some outstanding benefits of wooden ceiling fans as follows:

  • Wood is a natural material that helps to create vitality and provides users with a fresh and natural space in their homes.
  • Wooden ceiling fan products are strictly manufactured, ensuring safety when reaching consumers without worrying about damage due to the influence of weather or termites, mold, etc.
  • Wooden ceiling fans are also equipped with large, modern motors with effective power-saving features, helping users save up to 40-50% compared to conventional air-conditioning fans.

In addition, the fan’s coolness depends a lot on the revolutions per minute of the motor (RPM), the blade pitch, and the width of the blades. Fans with more blades will create more silence than fans with fewer blades. 

The price will be different depending on the quality of the motor inside, the quality of the arm, the quality of the motor cover, etc.

Mr. Vu’s showroom system is present in Singapore and always available with a variety of products for customers to choose from. Professional consulting staff and an attentive technical team are always ready to serve you. For more information, please refer to the website

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