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Choose the suitable ceiling fan for low ceiling apartments

Choose the suitable ceiling fan for low ceiling apartments

09 Oct 2022

In addition to color and design, choosing a ceiling fan should pay attention to the installation location, room area, ceiling height, blade span, motor, power source…

Apartments typically have narrower areas and lower ceilings than townhouses, not to mention the challenge of choosing the right fan type and avoiding hazards when operating… apartments usually have 54 m2 and do not have many windows, therefore the main aim is to make the air circulate well while minimizing engine noise.

Choosing a fan model that meets the following conditions: safe for low ceilings, natural wind, noise-proof, unique design from Mr. Vu. Each fan model is almost “unique” in shape and function, designed with inspiration from the life of 8x owner – Le Lan Huong. Understanding that apartment dwellers face many difficulties in choosing ceiling fans, Ms. Huong gave suggestions to help users decorate their homes and prepare for the New Year.

“Installation location, fan size compared to the room area, fan height and design are things that apartment owners need to pay attention to,” she said. Specifically, ceiling fans should be placed in the center of the room to help air circulation, avoiding placing them right on the bed. The minimum height from the floor to the propeller must reach 2.2 m, and from the blades to the ceiling about 23 cm. In order to be safe, apartments can choose models with a maximum height of 30 cm.

Each new fan takes more than half a year from design to prototype with a cost of nearly 2 billion.

wooden decorative ceiling fan

Wooden decorative ceiling fan

As a person who always pays attention to every movement, passionately watching the wind or flying things, when she caught the image of the wind playing in the girl’s hair, Le Lan Huong was immediately stunned. In order to reduce tension while watching and prevent the home from having too many angular objects, the 8x hostess visualizes the dance so that Mr. Vu’s Melody blade is not as straight as usual but bends and is softer.

Melody has a DC motor to save energy, a 21-degree tilting blade, and a design with 6 wind speeds with the ability to reverse. Not only suitable for a 15-20 m2 room, but the fan can also change the housing cover and blade material to hang outdoors.

Ceiling Fan - Melody

Ceiling Fan – Melody

It was a coincidence that in the early morning deciding to spend time relaxing with her family. Lan Huong suddenly saw a flock of pigeons flying. The bird’s wingspan fluttering in the air accidentally coincided with the idea of ​​great growth and development for great ambitions, she immediately sketched a fan model.

Eagle – strategic design for 2018. Almost a breakthrough in both design and engine, the blade is carefully calculated so that the tilt is appropriate, creating a cool and natural breeze with the engine size. 2 times smaller, 3 times more powerful.


Ceiling Fan – Eagle

The material that makes up the blade is balsa wood with super light properties, used in the aircraft industry, and soundproofing… The blade diameter is big and wide, the tail is curved like a dream to fly high.

Modern life with too much pressure makes the trend of minimalism in the interior takes the throne. Mr. Vu also applies this philosophy to offer fan models in a natural, rustic style. Elegant is one of them with 3 blades made from natural wood, merging with the fan housing to form a seamless block, bold modern breath but still close to nature.

“When making a fan, minimizing the texture will be many times more complicated than decorating and painting,” Mrs. Huong shared.

Elegant can be combined with air conditioning to save electricity, and circulate air faster and cooler, more evenly.

Ceiling Fan - Elegant

Ceiling Fan – Elegant

Also, in the group of fans with the main design trend is rustic, Sky is close to the classic design and can match all interior styles.

The fan color is close to the natural wood color, the fan blades are beveled in a novel way, breaking out of the available patterns thereby suggesting creative inspiration for the owner. You can design a yellow wall, a wood color to catch the same tone as the fan, making the living room warmer and more luxurious.