How to choose a small ceiling fan in Singapore

Ceiling fan has long been an indispensable item in every home in Singapore. They provide the house with fresh and cool breezes, especially in the heat of summer or when it is in the humid weather. However, most people in Singapore live in apartments due to the country’s limited area. Therefore, the living space of Singaporeans is also limited. And when the space is so limited, installing a large ceiling fan doesn’t really seem like the right choice. That is why ceiling fan manufacturers have researched and produced small ceiling fans for rooms with limited area. In this article, let’s explore the benefits and notes of small ceiling fans in Singapore.

The benefits and notes when choosing small ceiling fans in Singapore.

Size matter

The first thing to keep in mind to choose a suitable ceiling fan is the size of the room. Usually with a small room of about 20m, you should choose for yourself ceiling fans with diameter’s blade of only 42 inches or less. These fans are ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, kid’s room or other small spaces. Small ceiling fans will also be a great choice for HDB apartments and condominiums where living space has a high standard.

Save electric energy.

It’s simple, small ceiling fans will obviously use less energy than larger ceiling fans. And also because they use less electricity, they will also save a lot of money on your electricity bills. Small ceiling fans use DC motors to operate, this is an extremely advanced motor that can operate in absolute silence while still being able to ensure efficiency during operation. Above all, it is an effective energy-saving ability, according to experts, DC motors can save 70% of electricity compared to conventional fan models.

In Singapore, the cost of electricity is quite high, which is definitely an important factor in the process of choosing a ceiling fan. Besides, also because it uses less power than other fan models, it is extremely environmentally friendly, minimizing the greenhouse effect.

Various designs

When it comes to the design of small ceiling fans, ceiling fan manufacturers have carefully studied both interior and decoration to bring ceiling fans that are not only beautiful but also extremely modern. Customers can freely choose the fan model they like from the design that brings modernity and innovation or the style that is classic and traditional. With a variety of models, you’re sure to find the right fan model for your tastes. Some fan models even include LED lights, making them perfect for rooms where space is limited.

Mr Vu THIN Ceiling Fan


Small ceiling fans are generally easier to install than large conventional ceiling fans. This will be an advantage if you are planning to install the ceiling fan yourself. However, there is still an important note that installing a ceiling fan is not easy, especially when you do not have or rarely experience electrical installation work. The best solution is to hire yourself a professional technician to make sure that your ceiling fan is safe and correct.

Noise level

Another thing that many customers pay attention to when choosing a small ceiling fan is the noise level. There are some models of fans that make very loud noises, which can be a nuisance in bedrooms, dining rooms or other rooms that require quiet. To solve this problem, there are now many small ceiling fans use DC motors, make it quiet and smooth operation. As a result, it always ensures that your ceiling fan can provide the perfect amount of cool air without disturbing your quiet and peaceful space.

Top best small ceiling fans in Singapore

Bestar Wind 32” Ceiling Fan

black 5 blades ceiling fan with remote/light dimmer
Bestar wind ceiling fan

Bestar is a famous brand in Singapore. It is known as an extremely quality ceiling fan manufacturer and one of Bestar’s quality products is the Bestar Wind Ceiling Fan. This fan model use DC motor, with this motor the fan can both provide good air circulation in a large space and use less energy than a conventional AC motor. This fan model has up to 5 blades made of ABS material that is easy to clean and maintain. With a diameter’s blade of only 32 inches (81cm), this fan model is very suitable for installation in rooms with an area of ​​about 20m2.

Bestar Raptor 32” Ceiling Fan

Pine Bestar Raptor
Pine Bestar Raptor

Another ceiling fan model from the Bestar brand, the most obvious advantage is that the price is quite good, but the quality it brings is still extremely high quality. All the function of Bestar Raptor are not inferior to other advanced fan models. This fan model has 3 ABS blade that make it weighlighting  as well as durable.

Decken DK001 39” Ceiling Fan

Decken DK-001
Decken DK-001

Decken DK001 Ceiling Fan has a beautiful and modern design. With a diameter’s blade of only 39 inch (99cm), this fan model is very suitable for use in bedrooms, children’s rooms, study rooms, etc. This fan model has 3 blades designed to provide the maximum amount of wind while still being able to maintain the quietness of your room. This fan model also comes with a remote control that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the wind speed and timer.

Crestar Altis+ 40” Ceiling Fan

Despite the small size, with diameter’s blade of 40” (101 cm), it offers extremely modern function. This fan model can be controlled by an app on the phone. You just need to download the app, then connect to the fan, that’s it. Just only that you were able to adjust all the functions of Crestar Altis+ easily with just your smart phone. This fan model also has a built-in LED light to effectively illuminate your room.

In general, choosing a small ceiling fan for your home in Singapore depends on many factors, including room size, design style, and individual financial budget. However, with the variety of models available today, you are sure to find a ceiling fan that suits your tastes. Whether it’s a bedroom, dining room, study or any other small space, a small ceiling fan is the perfect choice that you can count on year after year.

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