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Top 7 ceiling fan models that are designed for apartments

Top 7 ceiling fan models that are designed for apartments

28 Sep 2022

Ceiling fans are an indispensable item of every family because of their many cooling and decorative features. But many people still wonder if low ceilings can be installed with ceiling fans, especially apartment ceilings with a height of only 2m6 -2m8. Let’s take a look at the fan models designed specifically for the apartment with Mr.VU.


Ceiling Fan - Trend 60

Ceiling Fan – Trend 60

First of all, let’s start with the TREND fan model – which is very popular in the design field

The TREND ceiling fan is designed with a strong shape and an extremely luxurious color scheme for your home space. TREND propellers are all made from rare Balsa wood and a DC motor with a very unique and luxurious housing motor. TREND will definitely bring a fresh, refreshing breeze throughout your home.


Ceiling Fan - Melody

Ceiling Fan – Melody

The fan blades are made of high-quality ABS plastic, with a delicate curving design that creates a natural cool breeze, reducing the feeling of tension when watching.




Inspired by sunflowers, the flower that always faces the sun, Mr. Vu introduces an artistic fan model – Sole. When turned on, the fan opens up like a blooming flower, which looks very beautiful. The fan is integrated with light, spreading soft light.


Ceiling Fan - Eagle GWO

Ceiling Fan – Eagle GWO

With a purely natural rustic design, the propeller is made of Balsa solid wood – a precious, ultra-light wood that brings a feeling of closeness to nature. Eagle confidently brings a clean, cool atmosphere to your home


Ceiling Fan - SKY LED

Ceiling Fan – SKY LED

Sky has a minimalist design style, especially can be applied to the ceiling, saving considerable space for ceiling height. The shell is made of high-class Aluminum, super light, and low heat, so the fan can rotate for many hours without getting hot.




Optimizing space use is a big challenge for architects, especially with small and medium-sized apartments. One of the effective solutions is to use a modern, aesthetic ceiling fan, installed high above the floor to save space in the apartment.


Ceiling Fan - Elegant

Ceiling Fan – Elegant

Benefits of installing ceiling fans for apartments

Thanks to its quiet design, it does not create noise, which is considered the optimal choice for your bedroom. When combined with air conditioning, ELEGANT becomes the perfect combination when it can save power while still circulating and cooling quickly and evenly for the whole room.

Safety with small children

Due to the high installation, the ceiling fan will be safer for small children or pets. Parents will not have to worry about unexpected incidents such as children sticking their hands into propellers, sockets

The fan is carefully installed with Downrod and a certain Hanger Bracket. Both safety and aesthetics

Make the room’s focal point.

Ceiling fans are now known not only as cooling devices but also as decorative devices, transforming your home into a classy and sophisticated environment. Depending on whether your room is designed in a classic or modern style, you can match the fan model by color, material, or style. Ceiling fans with lights, ceiling fans with chandeliers, and other types of decorative ceiling fans are very popular today.

Ceiling fans can be used in place of lamps to provide lighting.

The current ceiling fan line is very diverse and rich, with very bright and luxurious lighting equipment.

Instead of chandeliers, many families are opting for ceiling fans with multiple functions such as lighting, cooling, and decoration.

Long-term durability and convenience

Most fans use remote controls, which are simple to use.

The most important component of a ceiling fan is the fan motor. As a result, Mr. Vu has developed and manufactured an aluminum-alloy motor that effectively dissipates heat and extends engine life. Proper installation and standards allow the fan to run efficiently and safely.

Prevent worms and insects from flying into the room

When turning the fan, it will create a wind that causes insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and bugs … in the surrounding area to be chased away or blown away.

Saving a lot of electricity

Ceiling fans consume approximately 80-100W of power, according to a general survey. Some modern ceiling fans use a DC motor with a capacity of only 30-35W.

In the summer, set the air conditioner to 26-28 degrees and turn on the ceiling fan; the air in the room will be cool and comfortable, and power consumption will be reduced because the air conditioner will not have to operate at full capacity.

Possibly a courtesy and luxury gift

Are you unsure about what to get for your boss, parents, or as a housewarming gift?

Choose a ceiling fan as a present; it’s both classy and courteous.

You can pick from a variety of fan models that Mr. Vu offers. This will make a thoughtful present for your family, friends, and relatives.