Why should you use a ceiling fan?

Since the blade of the ceiling fan is larger than conventional electric fans, it effectively increases indoor air circulation, without taking up space in the room. You don’t have to worry about children touching it or storing it when not in use. For people living in the Southern region, where the climate is hot and humid, the use of ceiling fans has become very necessary and popular.

Based on this idea, we hope that through our products, we can help people not have to worry about their health problems like when using air conditioners, enjoy a comfortable natural breeze, clean and help save energy effectively, contribute to environmental protection, love the earth

Enjoy the cool, natural breeze

Philip Diehl was a German- American engineer who invented the electric ceiling fan in 1882. He mounted the blades on the electric motor of a sewing machine and mounted it to the ceiling, inventing the world’s first ceiling fan

Ceiling fan - SKY WH
Ceiling fan – SKY WH

Ceiling fans do not reduce room temperature, while air conditioners have a compressor, but ceiling fans create a comfortable cooling effect by increasing the heat transfer coefficient in the room. Unlike air conditioners, fans only move air – they don’t change the room temperature directly.

When sitting on the sofa placed under the ceiling fan, you can fall asleep in a short time from the pleasant cool air circulating under the direct impact on the body. The breeze created by the ceiling fan accelerates the evaporation of sweat on the human skin, making the body’s natural cooling mechanism much more effective. The cooling sensation you feel under a fan is also quite enjoyable. It’s like the room is getting cooler, but it’s actually your body that’s cooling. By blowing air around the room, ceiling fans help speed up the evaporation of sweat from your skin, which is how you get rid of body heat. The more you evaporate, the cooler you will feel.

Air conditioning + decorative ceiling fans = Increased cooling efficiency

In mild climates, ceiling fans are a low-cost alternative to air conditioning. In normal operation mode, the rotation of the ceiling fan pushes the air down, creating a cool breeze that cools the room by more than 4 degrees. This means if you use both the air conditioner and the ceiling fan. You can adjust the temperature to save energy at a higher level than the normal setting. Ceiling fans don’t actually change the air temperature in the room, but you can use less energy on the air conditioner and maintain the same level of comfort.

Ceiling Fan - Trend 60
Ceiling Fan – Trend 60

The design of Mr. Vu is different from traditional ceiling fans, not only creating high cooling efficiency, quiet and quiet operation, but also a variety of styles and beautifying the environment. Using a combination of ceiling fans and air conditioners can save electricity up to 30%. With the widespread use of ceiling fans, we can contribute to protecting the environment, reducing emissions, and loving the earth

Save energy, love the earth

We only have one planet. The excessive use of large-capacity electrical products will increase the global warming effect. Along with the increasing scarcity of resources, if we don’t conserve energy now, they will run out one day.

According to some studies, when using air conditioners – especially when using today’s most popular inverter air conditioners with ceiling fans, not only quickly achieve cooling effect but also save money. up to 30% of monthly electricity consumption. Developed countries in Europe and the United States, as well as Southeast Asian countries are increasingly using

Safe for children

Due to the high installation, the ceiling fan will be safer for children and pets. Parents will not have to worry about incidents such as children reaching into fan blades, sockets or cooling devices within reach.

Create accents for the ceiling

Ceiling Fan - SKY LED
Ceiling Fan – SKY LED

Modern ceiling fans are increasingly favored by various applications as air conditioning, decoration and as a lighting device. Currently on the market there are many decorative ceiling fans with diverse models from popular to high-quality with reasonable prices such as Eagle, Elegant, Sky, Trend.

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