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What are the benefits of a bladeless ceiling fan? How does a bladeless ceiling fan work?

What are the benefits of a bladeless ceiling fan? How does a bladeless ceiling fan work?

16 May 2023

Ceiling fans are known as the most effective cooling solutions ever in every house, they are attached to each of us like a friend. Every time you feel hot, perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is enjoying the cool breeze from a ceiling fan, right? So, what do you think about enjoying the cool breeze from a ceiling fan without blades? That’s right! You did not hear wrong, a ceiling fan without blades but the cooling ability is extremely effective.

Normally, a ceiling fan generates cool wind thanks to its fan blade system, so the fan blade is an indispensable factor of a ceiling fan. But after many years of research and development, a bladeless ceiling fan was successfully tested and officially marketed for the first time in 2009. So how does the bladeless ceiling fan work?

Flaire ERA 21" Bladeless - Black

Flaire ERA 21″ Bladeless – Black

Operating principle of bladeless ceiling fan

Unlike conventional ceiling fans, bladeless ceiling fans suck air from below its body inward, then the new air is pushed around from the side of the fan. This airflow then hits the surrounding walls, creating a wrapping effect throughout the room. Thanks to that, the wind is created extremely pleasant and comfortable, helping your living space to circulate air quickly and continuously.

Enhance the aesthetics and safety of your home

A bladeless ceiling fan is not like other ceiling fans with blades. In addition to the minimalist and luxurious exterior design, this kind of fan also has a unique and interesting cooling mechanism, but the cooling effect it brings is still excellent. The uniqueness of this fan model is a novelty that anyone who sees it for the first time feels curious about. Why does a ceiling fan have no blades? If there are no blades, how can it cool? The questions are constantly asked to create a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Bladeless ceiling fans also have many different colors to help you easily choose to suit your living space. Whether your living space’s style is classic or modern, there is sure to be a color to suit yours. Moreover, regardless of the living room, dining room, or kitchen, bladeless ceiling fans are also suitable for installation.

This fan simply does not have sharp blades, which makes it extremely safe for families with young children or pets. If the traditional bladed fans have more than 3 blades or more, the bladeless ceiling fan creates cool wind by its own mechanism, so the potential dangers of fan blades are no longer there.

Flaire ERA 21'' Bladeless

Flaire ERA 21” Bladeless

Energy saving and quiet operation

In Singapore, the cost of electricity is quite high, so every Singaporean is always looking for the most economical solutions, and bladeless ceiling fans are one of them. Thanks to the superior DC motor, the bladeless ceiling fan consumes much less power than traditional fans by up to 70%. And thanks to its ability to save electrical energy, bladeless ceiling fans reduce your electricity bill and is an effective environmental protection solution.

Also thanks to the superiority of the DC motor, the bladeless ceiling fan operates with an extremely low noise. Create a peaceful and relaxing space for you, essential for concentration or entertaining. The absence of a fan blade eliminates the noise from traditional fan blades. A bladeless ceiling fan is suitable for rooms that require quiet such as the living room, bedroom, or office space.

Bladeless ceiling fans are gradually becoming “the star” of cooling every home in Singapore. Possessing a beautiful and unique design, plus safety and electrical energy savings, the bladeless fan quickly takes the cooling experience to another level. As the lives of Singaporeans become more and more developed and modern, it is also the time that bladeless ceiling fans gradually become the future of the cooling system in this Lion City. Let’s innovate together and enjoy the refreshing breeze without the annoying fan blades!