Is it true that using a ceiling fan takes a lot of electricity?

Using a ceiling fan is an excellent energy-saving solution since it circulates air widely and feels refreshing, but it only uses as much electricity as a light bulb.

How much electricity does a ceiling fan consume?

Mr Vu THIN Ceiling Fan
Mr. Vu THIN Ceiling Fan

Many households use ceiling fans to keep cool on hot summer days. However, there’re many people curious about, would a ceiling fan with a large size and wide ventilation consumes too much electricity.

However, this is not accurate. A ceiling fan may consume more electricity than a stand fan. But compared to air conditioners, this is an energy-saving cooling solution because the product has a low power consumption capacity. In the market, ceiling fans with AC (Alternating Current) technology motors typically have rated powers between 80 and 120 watts. DC (Direct Current) technology motors help save energy and only have power ratings between 40 and 60 watts.

Depending on the type of motor, some measurement results indicate that a ceiling fan will only consume 1 kWh of electricity in 12 to 14 hours of operation. It’s the same as lighting two fluorescent bulbs.

How to choose a ceiling fan for a living space?

Ceiling fan size for each space
Ceiling fan size for each space

Users should pay attention to the fan’s height when installing and using it to help reduce high power consumption. This product should be installed at a height of between 2.6m and 3.2m. To make sure that cool air can be spread evenly around the space, the fan blades must be at least 20 cm from the ceiling and 2-3 m from the floor. For the product to function effectively, you need also periodically clean and maintain it.

Choosing the right ceiling fan size and capacity for the space being used is another energy-saving suggestion. A low-power fan with a reasonable diameter is the best option if the space is limited. To guarantee enough ventilation in the large room, users select a fan with a wide diameter of blades.

A lot of contemporary features, including a single-light or multiple-light mode, are now built into ceiling fans that are available on the market. However, users should only utilize these features when essential and in balance at the same time if they want to not waste electricity.

Ceiling fans not only provide energy-efficient cooling, but they also help become a room’s focal point. Mr. Vu ceiling fan offers cooling for your living space with excellent wind generation, energy efficiency, and stunning appearance. Customers who are unsure about whether to select a fan or ceiling light to make sure they are affordable and beautiful may find the answer with the assistance of Mr. Vu’s fan products.

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