Top models of best wood imitation ceiling fan right now

Ceiling fans with wood imitation blades are becoming increasingly popular on the market. They were designed to replace costly wooden ceiling fans. With its incredibly elegant and eye-catching appearance, wood imitation ceiling fans fool many people into thinking they are made of real wood. In this post, we’ll look at the most genuine and luxurious wooden ceiling fan models.

Features of ceiling fan with wood imitation blades

  • Ceiling fans with imitative wood blades are usually made of high-class plastic, iron, or aluminum. Then it is processed by special technology to create the same color as real wood. The colors of wood imitation blades are usually: brown, yellow-brown, and brown grain, …
  • Integrated with many features: both cooling and decoration through the lighting system.
  • When the wood replica ceiling fan is turned on, it runs smoothly and quietly.
  • An imitation wood ceiling fans are usually lighter in weight than an actually wooden ceiling fan
  • Capable of generating high wind flow
  • It is simple to install and clean.

Discover the most beautiful wood imitation ceiling fans today

Ceiling fan – Sky WH Led

Ceiling Fan - SKY WH LED
Ceiling Fan – SKY WH LED

This is a suitable fan model for installation in modern spaces, because the design of the fan is quite simple, the colors are bright, especially the fan blades are made from PC plastic, with light brown color. The weight of the fan is only 7kg, often chosen to install for apartments, bedrooms, living rooms.

Ceiling fan – Melody

This is considered an orthodox wooden ceiling fan, overall, Melody has golden brown color. Unique, eye-catching design in the propeller part. They are not as straight as usual, but curved and softer, helping the viewer to feel relaxed and comfortable. Under the propeller is equipped with an 18W LED system, for high power saving.

Ceiling Fan - Melody
Ceiling Fan – Melody

Ceiling fan – Melody WH

The fan has 3 blades, made from high-class PC plastic with bright white tones, when operating, Melody WH gives cool airflow with maximum capacity. Suitable for installation in living rooms, hotel lobbies, resorts, etc. Besides, Melody WH is also equipped with a compact DC motor, saving power and operating very smoothly during use.

Ceiling fan – Melody White Led

Ceiling fan – Sky LED

ceiling fan wooden blade sky oak led
Ceiling fan – Sky LED

The diameter blade is 1.32m, with 6-level wind control, hot and cold reversing mode. Give users a cool space and enjoyable experience. Moreover, Sky LED is also compactly designed, very suitable for low-ceiling apartments 

Ceiling fan – Sky WH

Ceiling fan - SKY WH
Ceiling fan – SKY WH

Sky LED WH ceiling fan has a subtle color scheme, combining the blades with Walnut brown and the fan housing with classic black. Looking at it, you might mistake it for an original wooden ceiling fan. The fan blades are curved and manufactured of high-quality PC plastic, providing a good amount of wind and cooling around the area.

Ceiling fan – ELIZA

quat tran den chum dep eliza
Ceiling fan – ELIZA

This is a popular ceiling fan model and has a fairly high price. The propeller is made from high-class PP plastic with a dark brown tone, looking like an authentic wooden ceiling fan. The meaning of the fan is to represent the family nest. The fan is integrated with a DC motor to help save energy, the ability to generate cool air is adjusted by a 5-level wind controller. Suitable for installation in areas such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, villas, …

Why should you buy Mr. Vu’s wood imitation ceiling fan?

Here are some reasons why you should choose to buy Mr. Vu’s wood imitation ceiling fan:

  • Consulted on design and production at Mr. Vu, exclusive design, no duplication.
  • Prices are competitive and comply with the listed price.
  • Genuine products, good quality, comply with the strict standards of Mr. Vu.
  • Delivery and site installation
  • Very attractive warranty and maintenance service
  • Service and advice staff who really are enthusiastic and dedicated

The sharing about ceiling fans with wood imitation can hopefully provide you with useful information. If you need to buy a ceiling fan with wood imitation, please contact Mr. Vu immediately for advice and quick ordering support. We are committed to providing you with the best quality products.

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