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Choosing a ceiling fan for the living room – 5 principles not to be missed

Choosing a ceiling fan for the living room – 5 principles not to be missed

30 Sep 2022

With a climate like our countries, choosing a ceiling fan for the house is a smart and necessary solution. Many families are interested in choosing a ceiling fan for the living room because of its ability to cool the air as well as a piece of furniture that brings aesthetics to your home.

The following article will share with you the experience of choosing a ceiling fan, so you can make the best choice for your family’s living room!

1. When choosing the right ceiling fan, you should pay attention to the ceiling height and room size.

Before choosing a ceiling fan for the living room, you should measure and carefully consider the height of the ceiling and calculate the right diameter for the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans have many different sizes, depending on the space that makes the right choice.

Ceiling Fan - SKY LED

Ceiling Fan – SKY LED

About the area:

For rooms with an area of 17–28 m2, users should choose a fan with a large diameter of over 132 cm, ensuring enough cooling for the room. The area of 13–17 m2 is suitable for fans with a diameter of 107–132 cm. For smaller rooms, the blades’ diameter should be less than 107 cm.

About ceiling height and slope:

The best ceiling has a small slope, up to a 34-degree angle, for the ceiling fan to work well and safely. Ceilings with a height of 260–280 cm should be used for low ceilings with a maximum fan height of 30 cm.

Some models of ceiling fans specialized for apartments with low ceilings can be mentioned as Mr.Vu Sky LED, Elegant, and Candy. See more here!

For ceilings higher than 3 m, a long downrod should be installed to bring the fan down to the required height for optimal operation. Some fan models will come with a downrod base by default, but most will be installed depending on the height of the ceiling. The length of the downrod will depend on the height of the ceiling. For example, with a ceiling of 3 m, a downrod of 20 cm is needed. But with a higher ceiling of 3.3 m, the downrod should be longer to ensure maximum cooling.

2. Safety, good materials, and smooth engines are the number 1 priority.

Safety is the number one priority that should be prioritized. You should choose to buy new ceiling fans and solid fan frames, that do not shake during operation. Come to the ceiling fan showroom to check the reality and choose the most accurate. Blade material is also one of the important criteria. Blades can be made from mica plastic, pressed wood, solid wood, or steel blades. You can choose according to your preferences and aesthetics, but it is best that the blades are painted with an electrostatic coating to ensure safety when using them.

Ceiling Fan - Melody

Ceiling Fan – Melody

In addition, the fan motor is a factor to pay attention to when choosing a ceiling fan. Currently, ceiling fans with Aluminum motors are often favored for their durability, energy-saving, quiet operation, and no noise, ensuring relaxing moments for your family.

3. Not all ceiling fans have the same features!

Modern ceiling fans have many types with a variety of different features. Some outstanding features of high-class ceiling fans can be mentioned as reversing ceiling fans, fans with remote control, fans with decorative lights, light-fans, etc. Depending on the needs of the family, you make the most appropriate choice.

4. Choosing a ceiling fan needs to match the interior.

One of the issues that need attention in modern life is aesthetics. When choosing a ceiling fan, you should choose a fan according to the style you are pursuing. For example, if the interior of your living room is moving towards the classic trend, you can refer to ceiling fan models such as Villa, Original Light, and Legend, … with classic wood colors, showing the luxury and class of your living room. If you are following a simple, modern style, you can choose models such as Daisy, Candy, etc. with simple and elegant designs.

Ceiling Fan - Elegant

Ceiling Fan – Elegant

5. Choose a reputable ceiling fan brand with full certification of origin.

Currently, on the market, there are many types of ceiling fans with extremely diverse models coming from many different brands and distributors. To be assured of the best quality and service, you should choose reputable ceiling fan brands that are used by many people. The best ceiling fan brands will have CO and CQ certifications for origin, product quality, and long-term warranty service.

Choosing a beautiful, high-class ceiling fan will help your family have the most relaxing and happy hours.

Hopefully, the above experiences will help you make the best choice for your living room ceiling fan for your home!