Top 8 Ceiling Fan models with 4 Super Features:” Luxury, Beautiful, Cool, and Quiet” for the Living Room

The living room ceiling fan is a result of the amalgamation of unique ideas, blending traditional and modern styles. Its aesthetic appeal makes it a perfect solution for interior architectural spaces in Singapore. Contrary to popular belief that it only serves to provide cool air, the living room ceiling fan is accompanied by a range of benefits and profound feng shui meanings. We invite you to take a closer look at a series of 8 luxurious and genuine feng shui living room ceiling fans, each crafted with utmost care and finesse, to appreciate their beauty and significance.

Is a ceiling fan the best choice for living rooms?

A ceiling fan installed in the living room is always a better option than other fans because it can cool the entire room evenly. Even with a blade diameter of just 1m, it can effectively cool a 20m2 room. Although not as powerful as an air conditioner, ceiling fans create a natural airflow that can balance air circulation and cooling even in crowded spaces.

Modern ceiling fans are equipped with an energy-saving mechanism, consuming less electricity than a 100 kW light bulb. Additionally, they are equipped with powerful motors that produce less noise than traditional ceiling fans. These fans also have a remote controller, making them easier to use.

A living room ceiling fan can also be combined with lighting, providing a multi-functional solution. Users can adjust the wind mode, turn the lights on or off, and even set a timer. 

Top 8 trendy ceiling fans for living rooms

Villa Ceiling Fan (13)

This ceiling fan boasts a blade length of up to 1.52m and features a combination of classic and modern design that suits all interior spaces. But wait, there’s more! This is not just any ordinary feng shui living room ceiling fan. The Villa ceiling fan model is the perfect blend of elegance and functionality as it features a 2 in 1 design that includes both a fan and a light. 

Get ready to be blown away by luxurious Villa lights that come with the living room ceiling fan version. The long-span 5-blade ceiling fan is made from natural wood and is specially designed to ensure full functionality without obstructing airflow. And let’s not forget about the yellow light shade that is installed right below the fan body, adding a touch of sophistication to your living space. 

Don’t settle for a bulky and outdated ceiling fan. Upgrade to our Villa ceiling fan model and experience the perfect combination of style and functionality. Get ready to have a great experience with Villa ceiling fan that is sure to impress you and your guests.

Belle Ceiling Fan (11)

The Belle ceiling fan is a distinguished line of fans that boasts a regal design that complements various interior styles. It is renowned for its exceptional features that make it stand out from other fan models in the market.

One striking aspect of this fan is its ability to transform its shape based on its operating principle, inspired by an antique French chandelier. The five fan blades, measuring 1m42 in length, gracefully curl into the fan body when the rotation function is not in use and slowly unfold when the fan function is activated, resembling flower petals blooming under the sun.

The fan blades are crafted from high-quality wood, and treated on a modern technological line to ensure they are free from termites and warping. The outer layer is coated with a dark brown paint that highlights the wood grain lines, giving it a rustic yet sophisticated look.

Legend Ceiling Fan (12)

The Legend living room ceiling fan is a top-of-the-line product model that offers impressive functionality and an extravagant appearance. It has a massive size and an ostentatious design that could be a magnificent addition to any living room space.

Thanks to its 5-blade system that spans 1.52m, the fan provides a large and evenly distributed airflow over a wide area. The 4 lights create a cozy lighting effect that could enhance the luxurious ambiance of any living space. (5)

The Legend ceiling fan comes with an integrated remote control function that offers 6-speed, making it ideal for large-sized bedrooms, villas, hotels, resorts, or any other place where luxury and elegance are desired. Its design is suitable for many different types of spaces, and it can be a perfect fit for those seeking to add a touch of sophistication to their interiors.

Melody Ceiling Fan (7)

The Melody living room ceiling fan is a remarkable product that showcases a unique design inspired by the graceful movements of ballet dancers. Its curved blade shape is a special feature that provides both comfort and ease to those who behold it. The fan’s impressive design and the sound of the wind that it produces make it a perfect addition to any room.

Despite having only three blades, the Melody ceiling fan is highly efficient in creating a soothing breeze in spaces of up to 30 square meters. It comes with a 6-speed that can be adjusted with a remote control and operates quietly, making it a desirable option for homeowners who value peace and quiet.

Overall, the Melody living room ceiling fan is a great choice for those who value both style and functionality in their home appliances.

Candy WN Ceiling Fan (8)

Unlike the noisy ceiling fan motors of the past, Candy Wn is designed to operate continuously without making any noise, thanks to its compact, quiet DC motor. Moreover, after undergoing a rigorous testing process, the fan has been highly appreciated for its ability to save electricity, as it can produce a large and extremely cool airflow while saving up to 70% of electricity compared to traditional motors.

Overall, the space-defying beauty of Candy Wn makes it suitable for a variety of spaces, such as townhouses, apartments, hotels, Villas, and other places where quiet is needed.

Lotus Gold Ceiling Fan (6)

Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this ceiling fan features 5 high-quality wooden blades that are printed with outstanding wood grain and have a length of 1.42m. The 5 hanging lights that resemble the petals of a lotus flower add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design.

The Lotus living room ceiling fan is not just a sturdy wooden panel, but a work of art that exudes warmth and relaxation. The artisans have meticulously decorated and crafted it to make it softer and gentler, which is evident in its impeccable finish.

This ceiling fan is equipped with a powerful Aluminum motor that dissipates heat efficiently and operates smoothly without creating any noise, making it highly sought-after among customers.

Uragano DK Ceiling Fan (10)

The Uragano DK living room ceiling fan is a remarkable piece of design that draws inspiration from images of airplanes, making it a unique addition to any interior space. The fan’s disruptive 5-blade design is a treat for the eyes, and it has the ability to transport the viewer’s imagination to new heights. The curved blade design, with its visible wood grain, exudes rustic beauty and luxury, making it a sought-after product in the market. (4)

By adjusting the amount of wind, fans can help balance the temperature in a room under different weather conditions, making it a practical and useful addition to any household. With a powerful 7800 CFM airflow, the Uragano DK ceiling fan creates a refreshing atmosphere, ensuring the safety and well-being of users.

Strong Ceiling Fan (9)

The Strong living room ceiling fan boasts a sturdy design, featuring a powerful motor and five curved wooden blades. It is a product that exudes minimalist and modern beauty, without being ostentatious. In fact, it can blend seamlessly into a nostalgic space when paired with classic furniture. 

This particular version of the fan features high-quality PC plastic blades, guaranteeing durability and functionality for a long time. Its powerful engine can operate three times stronger than a regular fan, while still maintaining its scratch-resistant properties. 

Get ready to be blown away! Each of our products is crafted from unique ideas and exclusive materials, but they all share one thing in common – they’re all super luxurious, super beautiful, super cool, and super smooth. 

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