Decoration ceiling fan models for your apartment

Currently, the number of households living in apartment complexes is rising due to economic constraints or personal choices. However, because apartment rooms are typically small, choosing a beautiful ceiling fan for the apartment is something you should learn.

What exactly is a decorative ceiling fan for an apartment building?

As a type of fan that not only has the function of cooling the ceiling fans, but it is also designed with additional lighting to save the most ceiling space. Because if the space is small, you have to hang a ceiling fan to circulate air in the house and have to install a lamp for lighting, then it does not seem very reasonable for your apartment house.

In order to avoid obstructing the fan blades, becoming tangled in the propellers, or blocking the airflow from the propeller blades, decorative light bulbs are often installed below the fan blades. These lights are typically intended to be tiny. Generally speaking, ceiling fans are quite visually pleasant.

Some models of ceiling fans for your apartment

Decorative ceiling fan – Melody

The creator of Mr. Vu was inspired by a young girl’s long, silky hair that was fluttering, which is what motivated him to make more curved, gentler propellers that would reduce tension. Watch out for having too many angular easy-to-pressure items.

Ceiling Fan - Melody
Ceiling Fan – Melody


Made in Taiwan, 100% genuine guarantee

Fan configuration:

• Fan diameter is 1.42m, suitable for installation in room space from 15-25m2.

• The Melody ceiling fan uses a compact, very power-saving DC motor with a maximum capacity of only 30W.

• Melody’s shell is made of 100% Alumium so it is resistant to sea salt corrosion. This fan model is usually installed outdoors along the coast.

• Balanced motor and 3 precisely distributed propellers keep the fan from shaking.

• Melody propellers are made of high quality PC plastic with luxurious wood grain color. In addition, the propeller is designed with a large plate and a 21-degree angle to help generate a large amount of wind while operating smoothly and without noise.

• Melody is equipped with LED lights with only 18W making it not only beautiful but also extremely delicate.

• Currently, the Melody fan model with coffee brown wood grain is the best-selling decorative ceiling fan on the market today.

Decorative ceiling fan for apartment building – SKY LED

Ceiling fan model with a height of only 20cm, extremely suitable for apartments with low ceilings. Thanks to that, it still works effectively while ensuring the safety of your home.

Ceiling Fan - SKY LED
Ceiling Fan – SKY LED


Made in Taiwan, 100% genuine guarantee

Fan configuration:

• Fan blades diameter is 1.32m.

• Sky LED ceiling fan is designed with 3 high-grade PC plastic blades, curved blades and uses DC motor to help operate smoothly, significantly saving electricity while still providing a large amount of wind to your room space. friend.

• Thanks to the height of only 20cm, it can be installed for ceilings as low as 2.5m.

• Install 18W lamps with warm, cozy light for your room space. It feels cozy and luxurious at the same time.

Decorative ceiling fan for apartments – LEGEND

In order to keep the traditional culture of the nation, the Legend ceiling fan is designed from 2 main colors, brown wood tones and classic brass.

Legend ceiling fan is suitable for people with ancient cultural preferences, the fan is suitable for many spaces of Vietnam because it has a bit of nostalgia.



Made in Taiwan, 100% genuine guarantee

Fan configuration:

• The housing fan has bronze color

• There are four glass light kits made of thick glass in the lamp portion of the fan. The glass light kit will reflect light when the fan is switched on, showcasing the timeless designs on it.

• Compared to other decorative fans on the market, Legend produces wind that is three times cooler and quieter. Customers may experience the value and be happy with the standards of wind in the art of interior decoration by choosing the ideal design, material, and color to make a DIFFERENCE that is only available at Mr. Vu.

• Fan blades diameter is 1.52m,

• The propeller has five blades made of natural wood.

Decorative Ceiling Fan – Sole Led

The Sole Led decorative ceiling fan model is ideal for making your home look like a blooming sunflower. When the fan is not turned on, it seems to be a bashful flower bud with a sunflower-shaped design.

Ceiling Fan – SOLE LED


Made in Taiwan, 100% genuine guarantee

Fan configuration:

•        With a 5-color LED system, when starting the fan, light gently spreads throughout the room.

•        In addition, the fan has reverse function, cooling in the summer and can be warmed in the winter, very modern and convenient.

·         The fan has blade’s diameter of 1.2m, suitable for installing the living room of an apartment, or a room with an area of ​​about 25m2.

·         Especially the blade fan has 4 colors so you can choose red, yellow, light wood grain color, coffee brown wood grain color.

·         The height from the blade to the ceiling is 292mm, however, depending on the height of the ceiling, the technical staff will change accordingly.

·         Wooden propeller so when operating it is very light and quiet.

·         Currently, the Sole fan model with coffee brown wood grain color is the best-selling decorative ceiling fan model on the market today.

Decorative ceiling fans for apartments are now the most popular today; for a secure and trustworthy purchasing experience, you should visit Mr. Vu’ s showroom to see more beautiful ceiling fans.

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