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3 reasons why you should immediately buy a decorative ceiling fan for your family

3 reasons why you should immediately buy a decorative ceiling fan for your family

30 Sep 2022

Do you choose a decorative ceiling fan or a chandelier? Choose a ceiling fan or a stand fan? These are all questions that many people are still wondering. In recent years, decorative ceiling fans have become a new trend in interior design. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why you should choose a decorative ceiling fan for your home!

Ceiling Fan - Eagle GWO

Ceiling Fan – Eagle GWO

Cooling and purifying the air

Cooling – this is inherently the use of all fans, from stand fans, wall fans, … to ceiling fans. However, ceiling fans are often hung on the ceiling, in one of the central locations of the room, which will help the air flow to be better regulated, helping to cool the space more effectively.

Not only that, but high-class ceiling fans also often use modern motors, which operate stronger and smoother, providing cooler and fresher air. According to statistics, today’s modern ceiling fan blades and motors operate up to 75% more efficiently than many other traditional home appliance models. Moreover, ceiling fans use less energy than air conditioners, so they can help you save on cooling costs of your air conditioner in the summer by increasing cooling efficiency with multiple wind levels. (For example, a DC motor increases power with 6 wind speeds).

However, with the hot weather in the summer months, families are also gradually tending to use ceiling fans in combination with air conditioners, which can both increase the temperature by a few degrees and reduce the electricity bill by about 30-40%. Likewise, in winter, you can also reduce the temperature of the room with the reverse function, reducing the costly cost of heating system

Thus, you not only save maximum electricity bills, but the air flow is also evenly distributed throughout the room, ensuring the health of the whole family.

Decorative ceiling fans are the perfect replacement for chandeliers!

In recent years, ceiling fans combined with decorative lights have become very popular in many households. For example, the fan models designed according to the classic chandelier look very luxurious and eye-catching, or the fan models combined with LED lights bring an elegant and modern feeling.

As can be seen, most ceiling fans with decorative lights are designed in a unique and diverse way, suitable for many different architectural spaces. So, this will be the optimal choice to decorate your home according to your own aesthetic and style. Whether your decoration is royal, vintage, cottage, or ultra-modern, decorative ceiling fans add a dramatic touch to your room and are always useful in every area of your home – inside and out.

The lights are integrated into the ceiling fan, both for lighting and to make the ceiling more impressive and unique. So, when installed, the product not only saves significant space in your home but also has high aesthetics, bringing cool air while still ensuring the necessary light for the room.

More modern – more functional 



When mentioning ceiling fans, people don’t just think of the blue fans in the old classroom anymore. Instead, there will be modern fans with many more useful features and uses for users. Some important features include:

Unique and exotic blades

Typically, the EAGLE or TREND blade models are inspired by paddles with 3 blades made of a mixture of high-class wood. Operating under a DC motor, minimizing noise, ceiling fans operate quietly. Plus, it’s super energy efficient and has an extremely long lifespan.

Remote control

This function is not strange to all high-end fans today. Instead of just being able to use a gearbox, you can choose how to control the fan according to your wishes. One of those options is the remote control, which makes using the fan much more convenient.

Reverse function

Reversing ceiling fans, or what some people call the reverse function, is one of the new features of modern ceiling fans. Accordingly, when you turn on the reverse function, the fan will rotate in the same clockwise direction, helping to dissipate the warm air on the ceiling down into the room. This will help bring warm air to the room on cold winter days, ensuring the health of the whole family!

Today, when life is more modern, ceiling fans are also improved to serve a better life. I wish you could choose for your family the best ceiling fan!