Top 4 most interested hugger fan in 2022

In recent times, due to the impact of climate change, hot weather has been prolonged, significantly affecting people’s lives. There are many cooling solutions used such as: using air conditioners, electric fans, ceiling fans, etc. Many homes use air conditioners to keep the temperature cool on hot days. And the room’s temperature is much lower than outdoors, so the air conditioner must operate at maximum capacity, resulting in a large monthly power consumption. It is more important that when turning on the air conditioner at low temperature, it is easy to get respiratory diseases, sore throat, especially in young children and the elderly.

Ceiling Fan - SKY WH LED
Ceiling Fan – SKY WH LED


However, when there is a ceiling fan in the house, everything changes, for example, if you can turn on the ceiling fan and use the air conditioner at normal temperature, you can still ensure that the cool air spreads very quickly, safe for health but also save significant amount of energy.

Each room is designed and built with different heights, the ceiling fan’s installation will also have different sizes and models. For ceilings with a height of 2.4m – 2.6m, it is recommended to use fans with a height from ceiling to standard fan from 20-25cm, from floor to fan >2.2m is a safe and cool distance that does not affect the user’s daily life.

Mr. Vu will introduce to you some fan models trusted by Mr. Vu’s customers and suitable for low ceiling space!

Mr. Vu’s Elegant Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan - Elegant
Ceiling Fan – Elegant

Modern ceiling fan model is made of 3 monolithic natural wood blades with a specialized close-to-ceiling design for low ceilings, low-ceiling apartments, super energy-saving DC motor – up to 70% helps to Smooth operation, creating a large amount of wind, spreading throughout the room space, the fan is suitable for installation in a space of 15-20m2.

Elegant ceiling fan is the optimal choice for bedrooms that need a quiet fan model that does not make noise. Mr. Vu’s Elegant ceiling fan combines perfectly with air conditioner – saving energy, circulating cooling quickly and evenly. Elegant’s 3-blade natural wood ceiling fan has a blade height of only 20cm, suitable for installation in low-ceiling apartments from 2.5m. Mr. Vu’s Elegant operates smoothly with a DC motor suitable for installation in quiet spaces such as bedrooms and apartments.

Mr. Vu’s SKY Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan - SKY LED
Ceiling Fan – SKY LED

Sky ceiling fan is designed with 3 high-grade PC plastic blades, giving users a feeling of lightness and relaxation. In addition, customers can choose the version with lights to integrate more lighting function for their room without installing any other lighting equipment.

The fan body is made of ALUMINUM, powder coated to resist sea salt corrosion, anti-rust. Sky has a compact design that fits close to the ceiling – very suitable for low-ceiling apartments.

Mr. Vu’s Bestar Vito 3 Ceiling Fan

Black Wooden Blades Ceiling Fan - Bestar Vito
Bestar Vito 3

Bestar Vito 3 is designed to suit low-ceiling apartments thanks to its unique close-to-ceiling design. Moreover, this fan can also be controlled by Wi-Fi, which is extremely smart and convenient. Bestar Vito 3 uses a DC motor, which not only operates smoothly and economically, but is also very durable over the years. The design of the soaring blade looks very soft and flexible, helping the viewer to feel comfortable and relaxation.

Mr. Vu’s Crestar Altis 5 Ceiling Fan


This is also a smart fan that can be controlled by App or Smart Home compatible. The propeller is hydrographically printed with extremely fine wood, making Crestar Altis look even more delicate. Except for the downrod, mounting bracket, and screws, this fan is mostly made of ABS acrylic. With 6 different wind modes, users can freely choose the wind level that is most suitable for the room. Crestar Altis’s ceiling fan is rust-resistant, making it comfortable to operate outdoors despite inclement weather.

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