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Review 14 most popular ceiling fan model in Singapore

Review 14 most popular ceiling fan model in Singapore

22 Apr 2023

Ceiling fans have become an indispensable part of any home, especially in a tropical country like Singapore. They not only help reduce temperature and humidity, but also help circulate air throughout the room, creating a more comfortable feeling inside. With so many options available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right ceiling fan for your home. In this article, we will review 14 popular ceiling fan models in Singapore and help you make the most informed decision.

List 14 ceiling fan model that you might interested.

Crestar Altis+ 5 Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

First, let’s take a look at an extremely popular ceiling fan model in Singapore, Crestar Altis+. This fan model is known for its outstanding intelligence thanks to its ability to connect with Alexa and Google Assistant. The Crestar Altis+ ceiling fan is a very popular choice among to Singaporeans due to its sleek design and powerful motor. It has a 5-blade design to ensure maximum airflow and integrated LED lights further diversify its functionality. This fan model is warranted for 1 year on the whole system and 10 years on the motor.

Vento Fino3 Wall/Corner fan



The Vento Fino3 wall/corner fan is a popular choice for those looking for energy-saving solutions and optimizing tight spaces. It uses a DC motor, consumes only 30 watts of power, and can operate at six different speeds. Its compact design and can be mounted in a corner or by a wall make this fan ideal for many rooms with limited space. Vento Fino3 also has a modern design suitable for most interiors, ABS blade ensures smooth and noiseless operation.

Fanco Girasol 3-blade/6-blade ceiling fan

Fanco Girasol 3-blade ceiling fan is a great choice for those who like minimalist design. It has a sleek and simple design that match well with any home decor. This fan model has two types of 3-blades and 6-blades, the quality of the blades are made of ABS material to help ensure smooth and efficient air flow, and the DC motor helps Fanco Girasol not only save energy electricity but also protect the environment.

Crestar Airis+ 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

Crestar Airis 5 Blade 50"/56" - Waple Wood - With Light

Crestar Airis 5 Blade 50″/56″ – Waple Wood – With Light

Another popular ceiling fan model in Singapore, Crestar Airis+ Ceiling Fan, is an energy-efficient and low-noise option. It has a 5-blade design and is crafted to deliver the greatest amount of wind with the least amount of noise, ensuring efficient airflow. Thanks to the use of DC motors, Crestar Airis+ can maximize power savings and reduce costs. This fan model also comes with a remote control so you can easily and quickly adjust your ceiling fan.

Flaire ERA Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Flaire ERA 21'' Bladeless

Flaire ERA 21” Bladeless

Flaire ERA bladeless ceiling fan is a unique and modern choice. You can see this fan model is completely bladeless and cooling is based on the Venturi effect, with the fan’s body pulling air in and out at the side of the fan. A perfect choice to increase the attraction of your home space, bringing curiosity and interest to those who enter your space. This fan model owns LED Dimmer, temperature sensor, natural wind mode.

Decken 001 Ceiling Fan

Decken 001 ceiling fan is a great choice for rooms with low ceilings. In addition, it has a modern design with sturdy materials, which will be the excellent choice for your space. Quiet operation, no noise is easily noticed during the operation of Decken 001. As a result, this will be a great choice for the kitchen, dining room, children’s room, office.

Bestar Vino Ceiling Fan



Bestar Vino ceiling fan is a great option for those on a low budget. It has a simple design with 5 ABS blades to bring the largest amount of wind, bringing freshness and comfort to customers. This is a new generation fan model, it has a last memory function, this function is to help the fan operate exactly the same as the functions being used before. This is to make it much more convenient for customers,

Acorn Voga DC368H Ceiling Fan

Acorn Voga DC368 38"/48"/58" Rod Ceiling Fan - White - With light

Acorn Voga DC368 38″/48″/58″ Rod Ceiling Fan – White – With light

Acorn Voga DC368H ceiling fan is a compact and stylish option perfect for small rooms. It has a 3-blade design that ensures efficient airflow, and a built-in LED light adds to its functionality. The fan has a remote control for easy operation. The entire fan system is warranted for 1 year

Acorn DC-360 Corner/Wall fan

Acorn DC-360 ceiling fan is a compact and modern option that will fit in most home interiors. It can be mounted to the wall or corner of the house, so it is very suitable for rooms with limited space. It has a thick and sturdy blade design, so it can bring a large and even amount of wind to your room. Despite its small size, this fan can still deliver a great amount of wind, enough to create an excellent comfort for you.

Bestar Raptor Ceiling Fan

Bestar Raptor ceiling fan is a perfect choice for small rooms. Its 3-blade design can ensures efficiently the airflow. Moreover, this model come with a dimmer LED light. This fan model also comes with 3 different sizes of 33” / 38” / 48”, making it easy for you to choose for any room, whether the room is large or small. Bestar Raptor is warranted for 2 years by Bestar.

Bestar Star-5 Smart Ceiling Fan

Bestar Vito – 5

Bestar Vito – 5

Bestar Star-5 ceiling fan is a great choice for those who want a powerful and efficient fan. It has a 5-blade design to ensure maximum cool air flow. Besides, this fan model also uses an extremely efficient energy-saving DC motor. The fan has a modern design, you can easily control the fan through app on mobile phone, it is suitable for most interior designs. 

Fantecz Airstream Ceiling Fan



Airstream Fanztec ceiling fan is a powerful and efficient option that can cool large rooms quickly. This fan model has 3 large fan blades, so it can produce a perfect volume of cool air, even with large rooms. This fan model also has a built-in LED light with 3 brightness modes Cool/Warm/White. Come with this fan model is a Fanztec remote control, which has been a trademark over the years.

Fanco Galaxy Ceiling Fan

Fanco Galaxy White

Fanco Galaxy ceiling fan is another powerful and modern choice for your room. This model has 5 blade with a large size, making this fan model become a popular choice in Singapore in recent years. This fan model also has 3 different colors (Mocha, Black, White) to help customers easily choose to match their room.

Allbreeze Ceiling Fan

3 blades ceiling fan with light

Allbreeze ceiling fan is a ceiling fan with a compact design, so it is suitable for small rooms or low ceilings. It’s the perfect solution for any room with limited space. Allbreeze, despite its compact size, still delivers surprisingly large amounts of cool wind. The entire system of this fan model is warranted for up to 2 years.

Choosing the right ceiling fan for your home is important, as it can affect your home’s comfort level and energy consumption. In this article, we have reviewed 14 popular ceiling fan models in Singapore and highlighted their funtions. It is important to consider factors such as size, energy consumption and design first whenever making a decision. Hopefully with the 14 most popular ceiling fan models in Singapore today that we have just discovered will satisfy your buying needs.