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5 high quality blades ceiling fan - Fanco Galaxy

Review Fanco Galaxy – multifunctional ceiling fan

24 Mar 2023
Are you looking for a ceiling fan with multi-function for your space? Then refer to the Fanco Galaxy ceiling fan, a fan model that carries many different functions, providing a fresh breeze, excellent air circulation...

Review Decco Adelaide Ceiling Fan with innovation design

16 Mar 2023
Whenever you are unsure about how to select a ceiling fan that is both attractive and intelligent while also saving energy. Then immediately recall Decco Adelaide ceiling fan. Known as The fan model of innovation...
3 high-class ABS blades corner/wall fan

Review Fanco Vino 18” Corner/Wall Fan for small space

10 Mar 2023
In hot, sultry weather, you just want a little cool breeze to soothe this feeling of heat. But there are many rooms or space is too narrow, not suitable for or wasteful to install ceiling...

Review Fanztec Airstream Ceiling Fan

09 Mar 2023
Fanztec Airstream 40, 46, or 52-inch Ceiling Fan: Smart Ceiling Fan for Your Room Currently, with the increasing demand of people, especially in Singapore, customers are paying more attention to the smart, modern, and convenient...
black 5 blades ceiling fan with remote/light dimmer

Review Bestar Wind Ceiling Fan for low ceiling

06 Mar 2023
Bestar Wind Ceiling Fan: A Ceiling fan designed specifically for low and apartment ceilings. Bestar Wind Ceiling Fan, also known as the "Ceiling Fan for Apartment" line, is a ceiling fan that many customers in...

Review AllBreeze DC Motor Hugger Fan

03 Mar 2023
Are you worried that the area of your room does not provide enough space to install large 4- or 5-blade ceiling fans? Or because your ceiling is low? Or because there is already too much...

Review Fanco Tristar Nano 16”

01 Mar 2023
In daily life, cooking in a hot and cramped kitchen always makes families, especially housewife feel uncomfortable and frustrated, sometimes because of that, unwanted disagreements occur. However, installing a ceiling fan or air conditioner for...

Review Fanco Tributo 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

27 Feb 2023
Fanco is a brand that is no stranger to consumers for its high appreciation for the product's efficiency and durability. Fanco Fan has been in business since 1998 and has sold over 400,000 fans in...

Review Fanco Girasol 3 Blade/ 6 Blade Ceiling Fan

21 Feb 2023
Which Fanco Girasol 3 blade or 6 blade 46-inch Ceiling Fan will be the best choice for you? Fanco ceiling fans have many modern models, function, a variety of fan blades, sophisticatedly designed ceiling fan,...
Hugger Fan Crestar Altis+

Review Crestar Altis+ Smart Ceiling Fan

19 Feb 2023
Today, the market is launching many models of stand fans, table fans, mist fans with eye-catching designs and modern function. However, ceiling fans keep on going to be the most popular and widely used. When...